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About us

G’Day and welcome to Aussie Angler. We could bang on about being around for 30 years and how we offer the best customer service with unparalleled advice, how we can source anything from anywhere or that when you visit our real store you can have a coffee and catch up with other anglers, but all you would read is Blah,Blah, Blah… What you really need to know is that WE KNOW FISHING.

Fishing Matters.

So, no matter if your current fad is casting a lure or throwing a fly, if you are new to this passion or returning to have a go. It makes no difference to us if you want to fish local or global- one of our staff will have fished it, tied it or tried it ; we can and will give you the best advice and deliver the highest quality tackle available. So, for good old fashioned service with honest advice about new fangled gear, give us a call, email or simply order here!